Welcome to the Forums!

Welcome to the forums! This is a short guide that will teach you about them. Please read the sections below!

Posting Questions

Questions belong in Help. Remember to write your problem with detail, so you can be better helped! If you have a suggestion for the gimkit developers, this isn’t the place for it. Post suggestions here.

Marking Solutions

If someone answers your question, mark it as a solution! Just click this button under their answer!


On your first day here, you will only be able to make 10 replies. This is to prevent spam bots, and while annoying it does help create a cleaner forum. You also cannot post replies less than 20 characters long.

Jοin Codes

You are not allowed to post jοin codes or publish links. This rule is in place to prevent spam, so please don’t break it.


Tags are used to help people find posts easier. For now, don’t add tags to your posts, as the tag system we use is quite complex, and some tags are reserved only for the gimkit team. Community members will tag your post with necessary tags for you, just ping one!

Trust Levels

As you spend more time on the forum you will progress through the trust levels, the highest obtainable level being “regular”. The higher the trust level you have, the more things you can do on the forum. For more details on the permissions trust levels grant, you can check out this guide.

Flagging Topics

Flagging topics is a good way to contribute to the forum and keep other safe. To flag, press the three dots (…) then click on the flag, and select the reason.

Difficulty Ratings

On some guides you may see some colored emojis. These are from the difficulty rating system, a way for you to quickly find the difficulty of a guide. Below is a chart of what they mean:
:blue_square: - Very Very Easy
:green_square: - Very Easy
:yellow_square: - Easy
:orange_square: - Medium
:red_square: - Hard
:purple_square: - Very Hard

Welcome to the Forums!

That’s all the info you need to know! Now, go and make some posts :slight_smile:


[Additional Info by @twofoursixeight ]


New User Guide:
Official Rules:
[Gimkit Creative Forum Rules](


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