How do I randomize teams?

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Do you mean you want the sentries teams’ to be random or the player’s

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Well, I want the sentries to be on the “ruler’s side” which I want to be chosen randomly, so both I guess

We can’t have sentry’s teams chose randomly but you can randomize teams with a team switcher (random team) or in map options


Lifecycle (when game starts) ----> relay (all players) ----> team switcher (random team I think)

oh ok, I undersstand

Let me try that right now

Also @GlM welcome to the forums! Pls mark a solution when you have one.

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It is not working. I’m still spawning as the king, (I set it to team 1) but I want it to be random, as I don’t always want the host to be the king. If there is a solution, that is. If there isn’t, I’ll have to change my whole map idea

Is there a setting to target just the game host? Otherwise, lifecycle (when game starts) ----> team switcher (random team) (separate from the player team randomizer). Lifecycles usually only target the game host at its core, so this should work.

It’s not for some reason.

I need to go, I’ll figure it out later I guess. I have all the time I need…

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day— or in my case a week.

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This is all you should need.

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@Gim you can randomize teams with a team switcher and an end game Device :slight_smile:

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