Need ideas for my Battlegrounds map

I need some ideas for a battle grounds map

You should add some chests with extra weapons, and you should have a theme going on, like desert, broken city, ocean, beach urban, forest… etc

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Do you mean like different maps?

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No, like a theme in your map, so you don’t just have a empty battlefield

Okay, because i was going for a battle grounds map with powers

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What kind of battleground?

battle royale i think

Yea battle royal with powers

what type of powers?

like maybe freezing players, or using lasers

ummm…i have trouble telling all this stuff to new users…can I copy that and keep it for when I see new users??ill change the wording some…

Make one and bookmark it so you can always copy and paste it even if this topic closes.

I am have trouble posting a reply but sure you can use it.

I got an idea, make a sentry for training or a sentry fighting another sentry.

Like sentries on a different team?

Yea make sure they can respawn though. if you do the idea

Okay what if its a free for all?

Everyone Vs Everyone else