How do I add a speed up button in the corner?

How do I add a speed up button in the corner?

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add an overlay make it broadcast speed add a speed modifier and set that to the desired speed and make it pick up speed

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I meant like when you press the button, after like 3 seconds, the button goes away and brings you back to normal speed

So basically a sprinting mechanic?
Maybe this can help you out,

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The easiest way I can think of is to use a counter a repeater a speed setter and a button/overlay. When the button or overlay is pressed, is sends a broadcast to the repeater and a speed setter, setting the player’s speed to X. The counter’s default value is 3, and the repeater decreases the counter by 1 each time with a 1 second delay (set the repeater to repeat 3 times). When the counter hits 0, it resets to 3 and is wired or broadcasts to a speed setter to set the player speed back to normal.

What he recommended. Subject is good at recommending topics and seems competent, better act now before foxy steals his potential art abilities…

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All I can say right now is RIP vwoom lol.

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I recommend adding your pronouns to your bio, avoid further confusion. Sorry! And yes, the pfp threw me off.

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I will make sure to add my pronouns now, thank you for the recommendation! And I was the one that drew the pfp!

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No way, is that AUBY from OMORI?! Anyway, as they suggested, you can use systems of overlays and speed modifiers for this, like this:

Game Overlay Button 1 → Speed Modifier 1 (Higher Speed)
Game Overlay Button 1 → Wire Repeater 1
Game Overlay Button 1 → Trigger 1 (Delay of 3 seconds)
Wire Repeater 1 → Hide Game Overlay Button 1
Trigger 1 → Speed Modifier 2 (Normal Speed)
Trigger 1 → Show Game Overlay Button 1

There may be more efficient ways for this that require less devices and use less memory but this should work as a basic system.

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I had to look up OMORI, but yes I think so. The lore for that game tho And that seems like a viable solution to the question.

Yeah it’s AUBY!! I was the one that drew it!


Jeebus, I looked up OMORI and that game is Dark. The crazy part is I didn’t know it and I am a master of knowing indie horror.

AWWWWW I LOVE IT! :heart_hands:
I wish I could say more but it’d go too off-topic, but also I love your art!


Thank you I appreciate it! And yeah we really are getting off topic :sob::skull_and_crossbones:
But I’m always available on other places if you wanna talk!