I want to make it so I can put props on top of the player, and I also want the prop to move with the player too. Can someone help?

Alright, can someone help me? I kinda want to make it so I can put props on top of the player, but that’s not all, I want the prop to move with the player, but I don’t know if it’s possible?

I want to make a Roblox like cart ride, but recreate it in gimkit. I tried a tutorial on how to make a car, but there were a lot, and I mean a lot of bugs, like for example, I had a big open space, and the tutorial said to keep it closed. While that wouldn’t be a problem, you might think “oh just close the pathway, and you be set.” Well, I got news for you! IT WAS ON A DIAGONAL PATH!!! So be prepared for a bunch of bugs. So I just deleted the setup, and plus, it was also lagging so it didn’t work, but a bunch of people said “THANK YOU IT WORKS!!!” So I think it’s just my connection. And the creator has tutorials that I used, and it worked for me, so it might be my internet. I’m not saying that the creator is bad, I’m saying when I did it, it didn’t work. The creator is super helpful, and taught me a lot about gimkit.

If you can help me, then thank you.

Thank you for reading, and if you actually read this, you’re my favorite person. Stay awesome, stay safe, and of course stay EEEEEEEEHHH-MAZING!!!

Samuel Out!

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Coordinate Systems and Animation?

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The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (See: Updated)
The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (Version 2.0)
Improved Version of Tamian Coordinate System (Difficulty 2/10)
How to Make Animation | Difficulty: 🟧
How to make an animation!
The Cheesian Looping Animation System [Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩]
How to make animation! [WIP UPDATE 1]

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But thanks!

Hi, welcome to the forum! To answer your first question, you can use layers to make props appear over the player if they walk on them. Click on the button that looks like a stack of papers on the top left corner. Find whatever prop you want to edit in the menu and move it to “above.”

Your second question was answered by Haiasi. Basically, you can make each zone activate a prop when a player goes in them and do the opposite when they go out.

For your third question, may you send a screenshot of your set-up?


Yeah, you would need a coordinate system like @Haiasi has, and then have a prop for every box / possible coordinate then make it show when the prop gets a signal from the zone.


I already knew the first part, I used a prop called the “tractor,” and I put the tractor above the player. The only reason I didn’t include that feature is because I kinda forgot about that.

The second part sounds complicated. But I’ll give it a try!

My computer set up is just my school’s laptop, and the only reason they gave it to me is from lock down.


Okay! I’ll try it! :grin:

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By set-up I meant a screenshot of your system you used to make the car in the game.

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Oh shoot, I’m sorry.

And I already deleted the car that the tutorial told me to use.


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