How to make an animation!

You Will Need

Triggers (For as many props in your animation)
Props sentrys work to (Same amount for triggers)
Button x1

Step One

Start off by making the props themselves TIP: Make every prop for the animation but the first one not visible from the start

Step Two

make repeaters for each propt with delay I recomnd 0.24 seconds

Step 3

Add wires so it looks something similar to this

Step 4

Add a button and attach it to start the first trigger like so

My Animation

Sorry its on the Google Site Google Sites

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oops didnt mean to show yet!

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Remember to finish it! Also when you finish add credit to some other people who made it before you!

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Nice wip guide!
Don’t forget to finish it
Will you finish the guide because it says “(UNFINISHED IGNORE)” in the title.
More specifically, you should credit these guides:

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Nice, You finished it!
Also, please remove the second poll, it’s off-topic.

Also, your link to your animation won’t work.
I’d suggest using a video to gif converter.

but i need to know its important

You can post that poll in the group chat on wix not here

Nice guide!

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Nice guide!

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This guide is very helpful because it helps new users to understand the concept of an animation along with how it works.

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just saying the one where it says“This is the best thing anyone has ever seen I would rate it 99999999999999999999999/1”-Nobody means its horible

Ya everyone voted everything…

Yeah, the forum rarely is serious. Myself included.

Now let’s get back on-topic.

no (this is a joke I swear)

Those are not repeaters by the way they are triggers…

you are so right!!!
thank you:)