IRL Animation VS Gimkit Animation

This post is wiki if you wish to contribute. I made this guide so people can relate IRL animation to Gimkit Animation


What is Animation?

Animation refers to the technique of photographing successive positions of models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence.
Think of it this way. When you are watching TV, there are frames, meaning you are watching some form of animation.
This is an example of traditional animation:

How is Animation Used In Gimkit?

Here in Gimkit, we don’t photograph. Instead, we turn things on and off. Like IRL animation, they rely on frames

I quoted Cheesebox’s topic. This shows how the animation works.

In the gimkit animation show case, the animation uses an illusion of movement, just like how the meaning of animation is defined.

Note from cheesebox: In normal animation, each frame is a different image, but in Gimkit, every frame is present from the start and is just shown and hidden as needed.


In normal animation:

  • Frames are drawn by hand
  • You photograph the models to move the animation.

In Gimkit animation:

  • Frames are drawn with computer, like digital props.
  • You turn on/off devices to move the animation.

Both in Common:

  • Turning on/off devices generates frames
  • Framerate of animation can be adjusted

Why did you include the IRL one tho?


This is so that people can compare how the two types of animations work, and so people get an understanding of how GImkit and IRL animation works, giving them a basic introduction into animation.

If you think about it, you can make almost anything in Gimkit, so if we learn enough, we can make some impressive stuff like animations being applied to multiple situations.


Yeah, but we could still learn with the Gimkit Animation Guides, the IRL ones seem, off-topic.

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Those are used to relate and compare.

If you thinkk about it, Gimkit’s animation works a lot like hand-drawn animation.

  • the switches turning on/off are similar to hand-drawn frames

It’s included as a reference so that people can understand and apply the fundamentals of animation to gimkit. Animation on any platform is pretty similar, so it’s a good idea to have a basic idea of how it works normally.


This is nice! IRL helps people to understand it more.


We can use concatenation to make it easier to speed up the frame rate.

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Nice guide! I really like the images!


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As a animator, I can say that these GKC animation concepts are really cool.

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this is pretty cool, so

I also found this:

(source: AlanBeckerTutorials, YT)

I’m just posting this just in case if this is gonna be important later on.