Anyway to add any sort of animation at the beginning of a game?

So i tried searching forum before, with this same topic, but it was just the props moving when someone else is playing. If no one knows how to do this, i respect that.
btw what im refering to is a little animation scene that helps with storyline.

The art tag is reserved for guides. You can’t really. But you can make something sort of like Cereza and the Lost Demon’s book cutscenes with the game at the bottom.

the only thing I could think of is the player moving a bit when the Call To Action is clicked.

Next time search before posting there are all of these results and more if you simply search animation.

To make the player not visible when the game starts make a large barrier on the above layer that covers the screen

And also for looping:

Use 2 triggers for a loop instead of the 2 repeaters in that guide to save 1000 memory.