How to have a "dropped" item on your map

in one way out there are key cards to pick up for a quest but we never got it in creative
with the new update I found a way to replicate it


take out a button, item granter, and a item image

Step 1

set the button up:
change interact with something like “collect” and make sure that it transmits and deactivates on the same channel

Step 2

set up the item granter
make it give an item here I’m using a purple key card and make it give it on the same channel we have been using

Step 3

set up the item image
set it to the same item for the item granter
then have it deactivate on the channel we have been using

Step 4(optional)

use some animation to give it that floating effect like a dropped item
How to make an animation!

finished product(no animation)
Screen recording 2024-03-20 1.49.12 PM.webm [video-to-gif output image]


Foxy I love it it will look more realistic on the platform and with some triggers to make it move up and down :>

yep animation
pseudo dropped item is now a thing

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yea the item image was a good device I love it

this is original since the update came out like 17 hours ago this is like the second guide with it

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ohh yea :thinking:

and tutorials will be easier to make in the pre-game area

I just BUMPed into this purple card! Oo nice!

I wonder what purple reminds me of? Ah, nothing, nice guide!

Zoinks! Ping me if you got that reference.

BUMP, maybe make the button interaction time instant.

Bumpity bump bummmmp. o7 hacker

nice vid @Foxy it cool like you

Lol this was actually a thing in 1WO

what in names gods are talk about