How to Make a HORROR Game

Hello! You’re here to learn how to make a simple horror game? Well I have a guide for you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Monster and Chase stuff

Time for some Ideas and stuff.


If this is gonna be a horror game, you have to have a monster. But, you may ask “How do we get a monster?” Simple, with the power of BARRIERS. In simple terms, you get BARRIERS, make them into shapes and sizes and you have your monsters
Screenshot 2024-04-17 8.53.02 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-17 8.57.09 PM
You can make your monsters look like anything you want.


So, you can do this differently but what this first part we’ll be making a little chase.
First there many ways you can do this but choose your option of chase down below.


Okay so first you need to make a area and have what happens. For mine I will use a generator then the monster will jump out and chase you.

  1. Get your area set up
  2. Get a Button.
  3. Get your monster and do the following. WARNING takes a LOT of wires
    Get a Lifecycle and wire the Lifecycle to every barrier of the monster and make it say “Event Occurs - Deactivate Barrier”
    Now do the same with the button but make it say “Button Pressed - Activate Barrier”
    Then The monster will appear.
    Screenshot 2024-04-17 9.05.27 PM

Okay. So you want to follow all of these steps.

  1. Get an area
  2. Get a zone
  3. Get your monster and do the following WARNING takes a LOT of wires
    Get a Lifecycle and wire it to All the barriers of your monster and make it say “Event Occurs - Deactivate Barrier”
    Then get your zone and make it say “Player enters Zone - Activate Barrier”
    Then your monster will appear when you enter the zone


Chase Add Ons

Okay, time for chase add Ons go down for some options to choose from.

Monster Moving

I suggest this guide for you to animate stuff.
How to make an animation!


Path Blocking Get a zone and a prop and a lifecycle. wire the life cycle to the prop and make it hide. Then wire the zone to the prop and make it show.

How about some spookiness?

Darkness Overlay

Get a Barrier and Make its visibility to 0.94. Make it cover the WHOLE area. When your done. You should get a Darkness Overlay so people think its night time.

Wait… What if you get caught by the monster?


Make a zone by the monster(s). Make a area somewhere in one of the corners in the map. Put a GAME OVER text above it. Make sure you can’t leave either. Put a teleport in the area too. Wire the zone to the teleporter saying “Player Enters Zone - Teleport Here”

Other Stuff


Items to Fight off the monster
Levels or chapters.

And your done. That’s it for this guide. It’s not the best but no guides for HORROR (At least when I checked)

How good was it though?

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im not sure gimkit is built to be scary :cold_face:

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This is cool!
Maybe try to be more descriptive?

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I tried my best. I haven’t slept in 2 Days…


Nice guide! Maybe add a sentry under the barriers so that the player will get knocked in a monster chase.

YO 48 hours?

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Um, think about if 6 year olds would be scared by this. That’s the age you’re supposed to think about. I think that a full on horror game would be too much for them, but that’s just me. Good guide though.

I would say if your game is scary to someone 13 add a warning in the description

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Yay! Someone finally did it! I can sleep happy now!

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Ch Ch Ch Ha Ha Ha

how it that possilbe

i havent pulled an all nighter yet

How is horror suitable for children as young as 6?


You can have horror without it being scary by leaning into suspense.


Tell that to the YouTubers that milk all the trends like poppy playtime and strange stuff like that :sob:

Horror is not suspense.

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You can use suspense to cause a mild amount of fear, which can act like a small amount of horror.


Which is still not what this guide is describing at all. This guide is describing genuine horror, not suspense.

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lol 4%

btw this guide is great

Gimkit_Guy, Can you maybe add a little more pictures to keep it more engaging? Thank you!

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For everyone literally about to say scary things aren’t allowed: (@That_One_Gimkit_Guy please quote this post to the guide)

It is okay to use this guide - as long as it’s not TOO scary. If it’s too scary, then it could get reported. If it’s not too scary, then it will not get reported.

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