The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (Version 2.0)

So you want to make a coordinate system, eh? You’ve come to the right place. Follow my guide to make a 3x3 grid that tracks the square you’re on.

1. Make the board.
Use any two colors you like. I’m using dark scraps and concrete. All the tiles should be floor.

2. Prepare the Zones
Add a zone with the following settings:

Shape it like this:

(just slightly smaller than 3x9)

Copy it 2 times.

Copy one of them, and resize it so it’s the same size but horizontal.

Copy THAT two times.

Now, I’ll add some text to clarify for the future. You might want to add this.

Add three properties with the following settings:

Now you need a trigger, with the following block code:

This trigger is placed next to the zone labeled “1”

Copy it to Zones 2 and 3, but changing the number to match. Example: the trigger next to 3 would be:

Wire each zone to the corresponding trigger.

Repeat for the other zones, REPLACING the y property with the x property and the numbers for the matching letter.

Wire them up the same way.

Now, we really get the party started. Alright, move the A zone into the first column.

Move the others in behind it.

You can guess what happens next. We move the rows up!

I like to slide the triggers next to their owner.

Finally, the processor.

Add ANOTHER trigger, with the following settings. The delay is VITAL.

Add this code inside the trigger.

Add a wire repeater with a delay of 0.1

Add a Notification with the following code:

Wire the last three devices like this:
Triggered → Repeat Pulse
Receives Pulse → Run Wire Pulse Block

Finally, add some walls around your grid. I’m using water.

You’re done!


nice guide :slight_smile:

How did you read that fast?
But thanks.

Good guide!

i read fast

Great system, @Dragontamer!

By extending and adding more horizontal and vertical barriers, this could quite easily and quickly be extended, theoretically infinitely.
(My old design is much better for little tiny ones. Idea: Dance Dance Revolution)

You change the color as I was making a poll to ask the color

What difficulty is it?

I saw you change it. Still, I’ll put the poll up:

What should this guide’s difficulty be?
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Closing tonight

This is incredibly easy! Nice guide, @Dragontamer!

@ClicClac this isn’t THAT easy.

I have done that before.

Wait; could be the basis of a chess game, where to decide your movement you move onto a piece, select an overlay, move to where it could go, and then press the overlay again.


Yes, I guess it could.

But you would also have to know where available spaces are.

However, I’m not going to make chess. Way too hard. It took me a while to learn to just play chess IRL.

But, if you make chess in gimkit creative, it’s REALLY impossible. Why?

  1. You can only move the player, not anyone else.
  2. According to clicclac, 1. In order to cause the illusion of movement, It would have to simulate EVERY POSSIBLE CONFIGURATION ON A CHESSBOARD.

@Blackhole927 is making chess soon…? And you can use props as pieces.