Improved Version of Tamian Coordinate System (SEE POST 15)

So we have a coordinate system. It’s fine, but it uses way too many blocks, like if you have an m by n rectangle, it will use 700*(m+n) memory! So this guide will NOT use blocks but will rather use the beloved PCPs to overcome this issue.

Here is the coordinate system I referred to:

Make all the zones in that guide. Now, make them all broadcast on “[axis letter][number]”. Make a counter for each zone. Make the most be for the x zones edit the x coordinate property, and the ones for the y zones edit the y coordinate property.

Make each counter’s default be the number for its zone’s number. So the counter for the 1 value for x would have a default of 1. Now this is important (only if counters don’t do negatives)! Make the counter first increment on its zone’s channel, and then decrease on the same channel. This will just set the property to the default value.

You save 500 memory per coordinate value. Here is the end product:

Credits to @twofoursixeight to help formatting this.

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Can I improve this to:

Ok. That seems ok. A bit not formatted, but I’ll keep it for now since I’m on mobile. I’ll credit you as well.


Nice job!


I edited this at the very end because I made a mistake, I was missing an * symbol.

Getrithekd, you’re a regular now. The guide was great, but please add pictures. It helps out so much.

Huh! I actually never thought of this! This is really clever. Though, would you mind asking me if you want to make a guide on one of my things in the future?

Like showing a counter next to each zone?

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No, put pictures in the guide.

Not to be rude, but what is a coordinate system used for? I need help with this and don’t know how this works.


They are used to track a players location and trigger certain actions depending on where they are.
Also, you can’t switch the player from spectator to alive (please give me a better word to use)


Ok, so I’m trying to build this and I am a bit confused.

So, does this mean to configure the x1 counter like this?:

I’m mostly asking @getrithekd , but anyone else who has built this or understands in could help.


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Okay then. Just needed it for tower defense.

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I made a rookie mistake in this

you need it to reset the counter (torontobulls made this a lot simpler)

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You can also just straight up reset it.

If you do that, then the counter doesn’t update the property.

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Are you sure. I have used that in systems multiple times before

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Wait do you mean simply resetting the counter without doing anything else?

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Yes. I previously used it on a small keyboard for a save code system i believe

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