How to make a burning blastball

After a week of working, I did it!

(Note: This uses @Dragontamer’s guide to work. You can use the improved version of it to save memory.)

Step one

Place four properties with these settings:

Follow @Dragontamer 's guide, do this with zones and ball capure zones. BUT SEE STEP TWO FIRST

Step two

Before using the guide, do this block code for the triggers instead:
Screenshot 2024-04-06 11.09.54 AM
This is because you can’t track X and Y easily with letters.

Step three

Place a trigger with these settings:

Place a lifecycle and relay next:
Screenshot 2024-04-06 11.11.59 AM

Screenshot 2024-04-06 11.12.50 AM

Step four

Place a trigger with these settings:

This checks if your position is the same.
Place a respawn device with these settings:
Screenshot 2024-04-06 11.15.58 AM

Now, you should repawn when you touch the ball.

(I saw a lot of help posts on this.)

(Credit to TorontoBulls1 for the name because it sounds better.)

(Yay, first nice topic.)


Nice guide! This is going to be a great mechanic to use! (nothing for 3 hours. this deserves better.)


Nice guide. Very unique and helpful. Heres a difficulty poll

  • 0/10 :white_large_square:
  • 1/10 :blue_square:
  • 2/10 :green_square:
  • 3/10 :green_square:
  • 4/10 :yellow_square:
  • 5/10 :yellow_square:
  • 6/10 :orange_square:
  • 7/10 :orange_square:
  • 8/10 :red_square:
  • 9/10 :red_square:
  • 10/10 :purple_square:
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By the way a cool name for this system would be The Lethal Ball


This is interesting! Maybe it could be used for a clicker/tug of war, if you don’t click fast enough it gets you.
Basically, it would be a narrow line of area, and team one is on one side, team two is on the other. Then you just start clicking it with a blaster or something.


Is anyone going to try to make an indiana jones style thing with this?

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Nah it should be whatever the indiana jones ball is

No, because that would need an animation. Which would need multiple blastballs. Plus, there’s a blastball limit.

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well in 2d mode wouldnt it roll? if on a slope?
@gimmaster12345 isnt that true?

Blastballs don’t exist in platformer, I tried.

then we should ask Gimkit to add that

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