How to make it so you buy a pet and it follows you if it cant then make it generate green keycards

i want to make a pet you can buy and it will generate green key cards every 5 sec but better pets less time

What??? Please put the question in the description on future posts

You want the pet to generate green keycards???

Okaaay. Well, write stuff in the description and I can try to help.

This could be why they cannot chat

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I know why @DriftUknown_YT cant chat, I ran into the same problem on my first day too. But I do not understand what they want to accomplish.

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I think there just trying to minimize clutter and keep this platform safe.

They weren’t, they were asking a question. Unless you’re talking about @twofoursixeight , they were trying to explain why @DriftUknown_YT couldn’t post

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Currently, there is no way to make something follow you, unless you want to use a coordinate system. If you do, then that’ll take up a lot of space and memory.

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You could have your pet only appear in certain areas, saving time and memory. If you want anything besides the basic sentries, I recommend using this guide. For the generation of green keys, they would most likely have to be directly inserted into your inventory with a repeater → item granter setup. The repeater can be switched out for a trigger → trigger setup that uses recursion. Better pets could just use a faster repeater. Hope this helps!

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Yes, I agree with ClicClac it would be way too inefficient to produce an actual system for that meaning it would be better just to send it straight to the inventory.

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