X and Y not working

I followed @Dragontamer’s guide, The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: :yellow_square: (Version 2.0), and the X and Y areas aren’t working. I followed everything as it was in the guide.

I won’t be able to respond until tomarrow.

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we need to know where it is failing and anything you know
so… ping me when you get on a guess?

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Oh you need to use the number block instead of the text block to set the property.

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That seems like a logical error. @gimmaster12345 if you want to reduce memory a more efficient system can be created with counters instead of triggers with block code.

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I suppose… Like when you’re on zone 1, and you move to zone 2, it increments the counter?
How would that work? Also what about teleporting? Not trying to be rude, just unsure of what you mean.

Also, make sure you have the delay in the trigger that combines the text. If you don’t, the properties don’t actually have the correct value yet, and that may be your problem.

So, I need a delay in the trigger?

Because I need everything the guide said.

No. It uses a counter per square with the number preset as its default. They all update the same property and then when the player enters a zone it resets the counter changing the property.

How do you tell if you go up one or down one? Counters can update a property, not set it’s value.

Yes but if you are resetting a counter with the value 7 it will always set the property to seven on that channel

Oh, intresting. Will that solve the problem, though?

The only thing is this can’t do letters

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If you’re problem was this then it would

I tried that, but i’ll try it again.

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I set the properties to number, make the block code have number blocks, but it doesn’t work.

By doesn’t work don’t you mean doesn’t display properly? If that is happening and you are displaying it through block code you will have to convert it back to text using the “convert number to text (with commas)” block

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I did that:

Doesn’t work.

Block code and property:

Screenshot 2024-03-29 9.08.29 AM