I don’t have a keyboard(I use mobile)but the creative tutorial says I need to copy(c) before I go to the next stage. What can I do?(I don’t have a keyboard)

Use the buttons on-screen instead. Note gimkit is not meant on mobile, so it may not work.

You can’t do that but you can select props and click the eraser to erase multiple.
Also, if you want to make a prop/barrier (device) the same size as a new one, you can click the Change Size button, move it to the prop you want to copy the size and shrink it till it’s as big as your chosen prop.

(Just shrink it a little bit more)

Do note that Gimkit Creative is not meant to work on mobile so there may be issues.
This guide might help:

Length Warning, Click to open dropdown

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That’s not going to get them past the copy step of the tutorial.

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It makes sense to use the buttons on-screen, but maybe if you turn your phone horizontally the keyboard will come up.

I mean, that is usually what happens with other apps…

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No, I don’t think it does, it only works on textboxes.
Even if you try to type a keybind into a device textbox, it won’t run the keybind, it’ll only add those letters/numbers/symbols to the device’s textbox.

Oh ok! Sorry, I didn’t know that.

Yeah. The buttons don’t work either.

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You can suggest mobile compatibility at

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