Bad Mobile Controls

I know this has technically been recognized by Gimkit, but I’m wondering, Is there any way to get around the issues with it?

For moving or for placing devices?

gimkit is not made to be a mobile game

especially not gimkit creative

idk maybe they’ll make a mobile app or better mobile compatibility

for now just dont use it on mobile

it doesnt work and isnt supposed to


Not being able to click certain things, automatically erasing random stuff, and copying and pasting stuff.

Just go with @CringeKarlScott 's post. He’s right (I don’t play mobile)

It does have mobile controls for other games like custom buttons for don’t look down.

okay sure
but certainly not for gimkit creative

it is already highly requested

I believe there was some update somewhere, I don’t know where that had to do with mobile compatibility. Not sure if that’s the Mandela effect or not.

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