3 tips to enhance your mobile experience in Gimkit Creative!

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Now, Gimkit Creative wasn’t exactly designed to work on mobile devices and iPads, but there are ways to enhance your experience!
Infact, there is even a mobile warning when you open a map and gimkit detects your screen size is too small.

  • Selecting Devices

Selecting devices is quite hard in mobile.
Sometimes it leads you to another device Nowhere near the one you chose and sometimes it’s hard to select a device in a device clump.
You can go to any device’s setting by clicking the layers tab and finding your device (this is quite hard in advanced games where you have a lot of the same device) but you can rename them to their particular system/mechanic by pressing their name.
Refreshing works too.

  • Some map features not showing due limited screen size

Due to mobile devices limited screen size, some features like Blocks, Device Settings and the Change Size button do not show.
How can you fix this?
If your browser is safari,
Go to the “settings” app, search “Safari” and scroll down to “Page Zoom.”
Now make the Page Zoom the lowest or 50%.

Screen width too small?
Open up the Control Center and set the Portrait Orientation Lock to “Off.”

  • Trouble moving devices

In mobile, once you place a device/prop, you can’t move it again.
(Ah, the everlasting pain!)
Or can you?
Press the Change Size button on your device/prop and select it, you’re able to move it again and an infinite amount of times!

  • Copying Props

You can’t really “copy” props but there is a way to get past it.
First, get your prop.
Move it to the prop you want to have the same size as.
Then, size it to make it bigger and smaller till it is the exact size as your chosen prop.


As for devices, I don’t see the need to copy them because you can just replicate the settings from a new one.

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Thanks @Haiasi This is a great guide!


Thank you! I have really needed this.

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Nice guide! This’ll be pretty useful!

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Great guide, I am sure it will be useful for many people!


Nice guide!


Can I add the __ is editing and wiki editing rules?

I mean sure, but it’s not that big of a guide so _ is editing is not that important.
Up to you though.
If you do add it, copy paste twofoursixeight’s _ is editing in my guide (the ultimate guide to gimkit among us) as well as part of the editing rules.

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@Haiasi This is exactly what I did when I first started out. I was using an ipad. :skull: Also can I add a tip for wiring? Its not a really good tip, but it did help me.


It’s hard to use wires on mobile and they don’t really seem to work on hologram devices so…


So is that a yes or no? Its fine either way.

Well I don’t really know but you could try using channels.


Yeah that seems like a better soultion.

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Wait, I think I found a way to make it work, @Magenta_Dragon! (mostly)
So you hold the wire on a device and release it to create a wire.
It should work on most devices.


Only if you resized it in the first place.

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