How to use wires

How do i use wires in gimkit

You place two devices down, and then were you see props terrain, devices, there is a button labled wires, you click that and then click on one of the devices and then the other and it will make a function happen. You just have to place the function to what you wish.

Can i do that on a iPad?

Yes, mobile does work.

Yes, just select the wire setting down from the menu.

Welcome to the forum! Sorta? Using wires on mobile is extremely hard

Anything on mobile is, but it is possible.

I tried and I don’t think they work on mobile.

Also, wires are a way to send signals to each other when something happens.

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They work, i use mobile, they’re just reaaaaaallllly hard

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Well @Cosmo try and see if they do work on mobile. If not they do work on PC.

Welcome to the forum @Cosmo !

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