Not mobile friendly

Gimkit on mobile is severely disappointing to me, and it really seems like everything could be fixed by patching a few bugs. But right now it is just straight up impossible to host a Gimkit with the rule set I want. Please fix this soon.

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Hi @Weley welcome to the community! I don’t think we can help you with that becuase this forum is for gimkit creative.

Also it is not just hosting I have also noticed difficulties with playing, and creating kits on mobile

Thx man I’ll be sure to try that!

yeah, thats mostly on iphone but if you set your screen to a specific zoom hosting a game will work

about creating kits yeah, thats a problem but if you’re on an ipad it fixes

How can we fix this? We aren’t Jeffo. If you wanna suggest stuff, put it at

oh yeah if you find what your looking for make sure to mark a solution

I made a guide that (sorta) makes your experience better, also wires can now function (a bit) on mobile, you just click on a device to start the wire and then hold on another device to end it, it doesn’t always work if you click on the :green_circle: thing of a device but placing your finger near it should work.
Refresh, it should always work.

Gimkit Creative is not for mobile. Its still in beta phase so that might be a feature in the future. Now please mark a soultion

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