Upgrading weapons to your own rarities

I want to make my own rarities. How do I do it. I want to add my own custom rarities but I don’t think gimkit can make it soon. So I want to make a mithical and cosmic rarity after legendary.

Currently, the only rarities we have are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. If you want to make an upgrade machine, check this:

or this:



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I have created something similar, but not for items. Items can’t have custom rarities unless you use something like gimhook. What I created was a ranking system that unlocked areas and abilities as you gain more of a certain item. It would be to advanced to change the color or modify the damage without a high amount of custom code.

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Gimhook can’t do everything lol

It can’t invent new rarities, gimhook is client side not server side.

Gimhook can make it apppear like it’s a new rarity/damage level.

This won’t allow for different damages though.

What is gimhook and how do you get it

i think its for modding gimkit idk i cant get it

Have you vote on the new device poll? If not, please do!

its been closed though

just the topic, not the poll

oh ok

Check github for gimhook.

githubs blocked at my school

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