How do I Make a Little Popup on the side that doesn't obstruct Player View

How do I add a little popup on the side

Did you know about the banner setting

you can use the notification device


but make sure to set the notification device to player so only the triggering player sees it


Use a notification or banner device to create a popup.

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Let me try the other one

you can put a game overlay and then put whatever you want in it, then wire the game overlay to the popup to make it so that a little popup is on the side of screen, once clicked, show popup

you can also add a notification device to one player to notify if something happened

also you can put a banner option on a popup so that a popup will appear on the bottom of screen

is this what you wanted?

A. Use the banner option of the pop up’s
B use the notification device.

Either way the solution has already been said…

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