How do you make a sell station for different items?

These are Psuedo Legendaries, and what is psuedo then?

Here’s the guide on pseudo things:

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Yes. Sure. Ok.

I still don’t get what it is though…

Having multiple counters or IIMs update the same property.

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I guess that you can make different vending machines, but make them not visible to players and you can put whatever prop you want over it, if that is what you mean, and you make different ones for each different item (ex: grape, potato). Hope that helps!


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No, how do you sell multiple things at once, like a potato, a fish and a cash berry and get $1 for the potato, $3 for the fish and, $50 for the cash berry all in one interaction?

Yeah, that’s what the guide that was linked can do. You would have to use multiple wire repeaters for multiple vending machines.

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if that is even possible

well, that got off-topic.

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