How do you make a sell station for different items?

I have been making a multi-mode combo of farmchain, snowbrawl, and one way out, and I need to learn how to make a sell station that gives more or less money based on different items. Like a potato sells for $5, but a grape sells for $10.

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Well you just make vending machines that have different prices for different items… its not that hard

vending machines?

no, to sell different items all at once and give one thing (cash).

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This should help!

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Snowy Survival remake??? Also what @mysz said, that should help.

PIPs can help with this.

kinda, but the end goal is like one way out.

You can make a checker or a trigger that checks for how much of each you have. You might need properties, if you want to do that. idk

Snowy Survival plus One Way Out. Very interesting! They should update One Way Out every time a new game mode is added.

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Should I Make a PIP Based Item Seller?
  • Yes
  • No
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what is PIP???

Pseudo Item Properties.

Pseudo? Pseudo Legendaries from Pokemon?

I have no idea what those are… Technically, you could say that the PIP version of item selling is not pure PIP.

These are Psuedo Legendaries, and what is psuedo then?

Here’s the guide on pseudo things:

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Yes. Sure. Ok.

I still don’t get what it is though…

Having multiple counters or IIMs update the same property.