How do I add a purchasable multiplyer for a single player to earn more reward per question

I need a 2x / 8x cash multiplyer for my game but i am struggling to figure out how to do it and how to make sure it only works for a player whom purchases the upgrade.

What do you mean?
If you want them to get it after buying it, then use a wire or channel to broadcast on when they bought it. Then, make according changes.

Ok so imagine two players Jim and Bob, I want to make it so when Bob goes up to a vending machine and purchases the item labled “Cash multiplyer” that Bob gets 2 cash when awnsering a question instead of 1. I want to make sure also that Jim still gets 1 cash per question untill he makes the purchase.

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It hasnt worked for me,


Connect the questioner to a trigger. Set it to be deactivated when the game starts. Make sure it is not visible in game and you cannot trigger it by stepping on it. Connect the trigger to an item granter that grants 10 cash. Then connect the vending machine to the deactivated trigger to activate it. Make sure the questioner also triggers the item granter when you answer a question correctly.

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I have multiple questioners around the map, how do I do this without losing my mind?

You don’t.

Make all the questioners transmit on a channel, then you can have the trigger trigger when it receives on that channel

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Alright, thanks ill try

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