Help on a multi-item lottery system

Hello! I am a new gim to the forums and was wondering if there was a way to make a lottery system that could give different types of resources( like it could give snowballs or fish, wheat tickets or seeds, etc.) The system only costs one lottery ticket though. I’m currently working on a fishing tycoon-type game that would benefit from the inclusion of this feature.

The lottery would go in the grass under the purple lake, if you wanted to know. Also sorry for phone pics, I’m typing this on one so it would be more convenient.

Use these guides:

(Zone) Player Enters Zone > (Trigger) Trigger


Set [Variable] to random integer from # to #

if [Variable] = # 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “grantrandomitem1”

else if [Variable] = # 
         do Broadcast Message On Channel “grantrandomitem2”

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Take each output and put a different outcome on each one, and you should be good!

Welcome to the forum! The guide linked by haiasi should be what you’re looking for.

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this is cool!has anyone heard from cyantiger?

Also, your gamecode is showing.
You might want to edit that out.
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Thanks! Im going to go that now!

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