How to make randomizer 🟧

1: What you’ll need: one repeater (yep that’s it)
2: open blocks and create a custom variable called num
3: make this (to create the if then else click the gear on the if-then block and add if else to the if block in the gear)

4:Connect your input and output and you’re done! (make sure output is connected to the broadcaster channels)
PS:this is infinitely expandable.


I know you don’t need my thumbs-up, but here it is. :+1:


Note: There is a limit to this- the amount of pieces placed is limited. One way to go about this (if you need to broadcast with identical wording but different numbers) is by doing this:


This can remove lots of unneeded blocks, especially if you’re doing a lot for some reason.

Alternatively, you can create another trigger/repeater to continue your random integer.


Yep that’s better in certian cases. But the one I have allows you to trigger multiple actions.



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The first use of concatenation in the gimkit forums…

Why do most people view concatenation as something massively difficult/important?

I don’t know?

It’s important sure, and it’s pretty cool, but it’s not too difficult to understand.

But it seems like people make it seem hard or like overly important…

it wasnt even meant to be a lesson on concatenation but people used it xd



im confused. it does not show “blocks” on the repeater

is it a trigger?

Screenshot 2023-10-19 2.33.30 PM
it shows no blocks

yea is doesn’t show blocks, instead of repeater what is it?

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I think that this number randomizer only works on older versions of gimkit creative :neutral_face:

i honestly dont know.