== The Ultimate Randomizer Guide == (Difficulty: 🟩)

Welcome to the most advanced guide you’ve seen all day, the Ultimate Randomizer Guide, which requires a slight amount a Block Code knowledge and an adequate amount of rule-following. Refer to this for any randomizers. My other ultimate guides for any occasion are the:

==The Ultimate Mystery Game Guide== (Difficulty: :orange_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

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Prerequisites / Optional Help

How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

How To Make A Death Message + Death Randomizer! :yellow_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

How to make randomizer :orange_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

How to make a randomized chance to obtain an item - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

This Randomizer Guide Includes But Is Not Limited To:

== How To: Organize Your Randomizer ==

== Intro To Randomizers ==

== Uses For Randomizers ==

== Item & Device Randomizers ==

== Plot Randomizer Functionions ==

Now Back To The Real Thing:

== How To: Organize Your Randomizer ==

The idea is that you need a chance to do something, like a coin flip. You need to make it completely random, a cheap, semi-memory efficient way to do it. Enter the Randomizer.

If you clicked on this guide or any other guide with a randomizer, you either knew what it was or learning. Well, now that you learned from the guides above or my special little guide above.

Organizing consists of keeping track of your copy-and-paste and try not to lose it.

Make sure that you put your channels in their right slots and keep this kind of stuff in the right places, and always remember to double-check. If the randomizer doesn’t work or always shows the same thing, remember if you did the right things.

Organizing includes the steps you take to pull out blocks, set your channels in the correct order, and generally keep trying to make it as condensed as possible. I once pulled three randomizers into one, and remember, with seventy-five total blocks, the sky’s the limit!

== Intro To Randomizers ==

Randomizers are used for a coin flip sort of thing, like if you want to change the outcome of the plot, like which boss to fight or which room you get teleported into. it can also be used for more moderate things, like which item you get when you press a button, or maybe something like which death message you get, and ending with practically useless or mildly helpful things like what thing a helpful character says to you when they speak.

We’ll cover their levels, and give some guides on what randomizer type to use in the situation, going from easiest to hardest. Since this is a highly technical guide, and I don’t wanna seem like I’m deluding you with lower learning, I’m using text to explain. So if you give me some sort of thing like “Pictures are powerful,” imma redirect you to this.


Simplistic, but easy to execute, and great for beginners trying out the randomizer. Like always, start with a random integer. Since this is simple, we just need from one to two. On one, we make some NPC dialogue, and on two, we make some more. It should seem something like this:

Set Random To Random Integer From 1 To 2
If Random=1 do "What's Up, Man?"

The second dialogue for this randomizer should be connected, and like I said in the example, should be under Else If, not just putting down another If block. Let’s check it out.

If Random=2 do "Hiya, Pal!"


This is a little trickier, not affecting the very being of the plot itself, but making it somewhat harder to pull off. For this, we need to use an example, like an item randomizer, so when a button is pressed, it just chooses to give a random item, or maybe even nothing.

How can you make a randomizer do nothing? Well, you need to make it dispersed. You make an impossibly high number like a hundred, and when Random=57, it gives you the item. everything else is automatically giving nothing. It would look something like this:

Button Pressed - Activate Trigger

Set Random To Random Integer Between 1 To 100
If Random = 57 Broadcast on Channel "GivePowerup" 

Now When A Button Is Pressed, The Randomizer Begins To Select A Random Item, Making A 1 In 100 Chance To Grant Said Item!


Scroll Down, And Head To
==Plot Randomizer Functions== To Get Some Ideas
And A Good Overview…

== Uses To Randomizers ==

Some Examples For Such items Like A Randomizer Include
*Takes Deep Breath

Chance Of Item Spawn, Chance Of Player Respawn, Coin Flip, Barrier Open Chance, Lottery Chance, Farming Effectiveness Chance, Survival Chance, Chance Of Random Popup, Chance Of Random Item Given, Chance Of Sentry Spawn, Chance of Random Teleportation, Chance Of Enemy Type, Chance Of Class, Chance Of NPC, Chance Of Spontaneous Combustion, Chance Of Random Popup, Spawn Chance, Chance Of Energy On Game Start, Team Randomizer, Second Randomizer Till Device Deactivates, Chance Of Random Popup, Chance Of Alternate Notification, Chance Of William Afton, Chance Of Armageddon, Chance Of Secret Hideout, Chance Of Random Plot Twist, Chance of Final Boss, Chance Of Alternate Text.

*Breaths Out
That list was so long I mentioned chance of random popup THREE TIMES without you noticing! I also included William Afton, Armageddon, And Spontaneous Combustion. Feel free to quote me.

==Item & Device Randomizers==

We passed over this in Intro To Randomizers, but we didn’t really cover the whole topic. In a vague circumstance, most people click on guides because they need help. A wise man once said, Welcome To Help, Kid. I may have gotten a letter or two off. Anyways, here are some examples and how to fix them:

Common Problem #1

Help, O Poweful One! My Radomizer Doesn’t Work!
Simple fix. Check to see if you have a setup like this:

If Else

Make the Beginning If and the rest If Else
Also, check to see if all channels are in the right place, and if the devices you connected the block work as well as you want.
If you solve your problem, direct yourself to

== How To: Organize A Randomizer ==

Common Problem #2

You Might Never Match The Channels Or Properties Together, But I Tell You, This Is Tricky.
Never Mix Up Properties And Channels, And Never Copy And Paste The Wrong Thing Multiple Times. I’ve Done It. Don’t.

In Short, Double Check Everything.

Death Message Randomizer

I’m too lazy to repeat my entire guide. Check it out. Enjoy.
How To Make A Death Message + Death Randomizer! :yellow_square:

Other Item Guide

Short And Sweet, or Depending On How You Take Instructions, Sour. Kinda Vague, But It’s Informative. Try To Check It Out!
How to make a randomized chance to obtain an item

== Plot Randomizer Functions ==

Now down to the real meat and potatoes* issues in your randomizer.

*I’m Betting The Last Person Who Said This Was Your Grandma

You need help, right? You have a plot, and you have the random items, but you need, just simply have to have a random ending, a random boss, or a random killer for your mystery game, or maybe even a random enemy for your hide-and-seek map.
I use the word plot vague, just something that will greatly affect the course of your game, like who has the power,r who “Can withstand the great power of the ring, bring it to Mordor, have the strength of will to throw the ring within the burning fires…”
Never mind, here are some guides both mine and others.

Random Ending/Final Boss
  • Make a One in Two randomizer
  • If Random=1 Broadcast Message on Channel: BossOne
  • Else If Random=2 Broadcast Message On Channel: BossTwo
  • Now Teleport Player To Telporter On BossOne
  • Now Teleport Player To Telporter On BossTwo
Random Killer For Mystery

You’re Welcome, And Also, Is It Okay To Reference Myself?
==The Ultimate Mystery Game Guide== (Difficulty: :orange_square:)

Hide-And-Seek Seeker

The First Chapter Of Thsi Epic Tale Will Help. This Isn’t A Block Randomizer, But Randomizes Just The Same, So It Doesn’t Matter, Right?
How to Make Blizzian Hide-and-Seek


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…Survival chance would be like if you’re down to one hit point and you might get a little bit of healing, pkayer respawn would be if you actually lose and revive, like actually die. There’s a difference.

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Random player relay ---------> Start following player.

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