How To Make A Death Message + Death Randomizer! 🟨

Welcome to this wonderful guide!
Whilst you may find it somewhat close to guides such as this: [:green_square:] How to Make a Player Death Notification: For Beginners - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative, This is simply not the case, as it variers completely and branches off quite a lot later on.

Now the idea of such a design is if you’re having a problem with your creativity, like you’re stuck, or maybe you just want to add a little spice to your game to make it more professional. Well, why not?

The idea is that when your player is ejected from life, they’ll get a cool little message saying they died. But wait, it gets better when they die again, and a different (Random) message appears!


1x Notification
1x Laser
1x Lifecycle
1x Spawn Pad


Now, to begin.

  • Set Your Lifecyle To Player Knocked Out And Give It A Name Through A Channel


  • Travel To All Options And Set The Notification To Everybody


  • You Can Optionally Adjust the Time It Appears And The Content In All Options Too

  • Travel To The Block Menu And Make A new Block When Receiving On Channel


Now, when a player is eliminated, they’ll have their death set on a channel, and posted to a block. What comes next is a little trickier.

In the block, we need to make a variable labeled Random and make it a random integer between one and eleven.



Now, we need to make an If Do Area. Under IF , it should be
RANDOM = 1 and under DO make a Send Notification with the title Triggering Player's Name
and the content as text, filled up with your death message. It should look like this:


Now, make ten more items under the Else If title:

Fill them up with more Random =, but increment the Random by one every time. Then, the text changes every time. Let’s see Random = 2

Now, repeat, nine more times:


Easy as pie!
Let’s see it in action (Now You Get What The Laser Beam Is For).


Wow! Great Guide, Right?
Tell me if I need to add something or did something wrong, and remember to post any interesting death messages that you added and like this post!


The death messages are a little too dark for 6 year olds

Wow! This is really cool!
What about: ___ Cooked too long.

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Well, if you want, you could do something a little friendlier. This is only a guide.

What about “_____ lit up with happiness and lightning.”

How about

___ didn’t bounce

___ forgot to breathe

___ left a small crater

___ forgot their happy thoughts

___ tried to fight gravity

___ got their tongue stuck in the outlet

___ met the monsters under the bed

___ couldn’t breathe water

___ ate too many tide pods

___ thought they were invincible

___ tried to swallow a sword


____ had a happily ever before their sadly ever after.

Oh, forgot to mention, my main source for the messages are from the Terraria Wiki. This isn’t advertising, just a source I used to get most of the names.

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Good job with choosing the messages, amazing death messages (but kinda dark as previously stated by someone else)!

How about this?

___ Got something by their parents for not doing their homework


I already made something like this:
The Cassian Guide to Making a Fancy Knockout Notification [Difficulty 4/5 or :red_square:]
and here’s another similar guide:
How to make a random text generator | Difficulty 3/10


_ was killed with kindness.
this is child approved :+1:

here’s a few death messages from an old game of mine:

  • ___ kicked the bucket
  • ___ didn’t want to live in this world anymore
  • ___ was too cool for school
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we should make a list of these (appropriate oc)

maybe let’s not do that
it’s not very gkc-related, as they could apply to any game
and we have this topic to use as a thread for them


honestly, not that hard, just VERY repetitive.

We should take off the regular messages in the :gear:

for more memory efficiency, use a KOM instead of a lifecycle.

True. Lifecycles are limited, KOMs even further, but for the task it is needed to do, the knockout manager is better with a specific task that you need with less memory.

Awesome guide, will use.