How To Make A Death Message + Death Randomizer! 🟨

Could someone come up with death messages for platforming like “fell to their death”?
I’m out of ideas… (Yeah, me, GimSolver, has no ideas…)
Anyone who could would be appreciated greatly. :yellow_heart: I wonder who will help…

@Kat_aronii, check the padlet.

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You could say as a joke: (insert name here) blames internet lag for his fall. or (insert name) wasn’t looking where they were going. or (insert name) died from fall damage.

kinda toxic but: ______ is now named fall damage boy.

____ thought they could fly
____ is the new flat stanley
____ flew too close to the sun
____ is lucky they can respawn

__ fell down a set of stairs. Hopefully it wasn’t actually their 12-year-old younger brother that did it who will isolate himself from the rest of the world and dream about a better place for the next 4 years before fighting his alter-ego in a strange place and getting his eye taken out by his friend who loves gardening.

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that sure would be bad. maybe they could make a game about that.

"Well, sigh, it seems that your journey has ended. Very sorry about that, it was-it always was going to end this way, of course. If it weren’t by me, it would’ve just been by some other, y’know, terrible thing, just, you could not imagine how terrible it would be.

___Didn’t live to write his autobiography
___Liked heaven better than this world
___Left before he had to
___left his account unattended… for eternity

Darker Ones... (don't read if you cannot handle)

___Choked when it mattered most
___Met his Ancestors
___had his life cut short
___Enjoys Lucifer’s company

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Terraria death messages? I knew it all too well…

I can’t seem to find the “Send Notification” block in the menu. Can I not find it or has it been deleted?

The block is in the notification, not the trigger, like a random setting that applies for the trigger only. It’s odd, but that’s the only way to do it.

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so it’s a setting that automatically applies? if so, can you show me a tutorial on how to do it? it’s a pain to spend hours to find it.


*Loud Noises *

NotYoyo Bumped himself too hard

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