How do I make a custom knockout message

So, in my game, I wanted to make a custom knockout message that appears in the bottom left corner where a knockout message would usually be and looks like the regular knockout message. Does anyone know how to do that?

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I think you use blocks

I know. I want to know how to make it. What steps I should take. That kind of stuff.

Try:How To Make A Death Message + Death Randomizer! 🟨

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No offense, but how is this relevant to the topic???

no that’s a nonfcaton

Unfortunately, that’s not what I’m looking for. I’d like a knockout message like this:
Except that it’s a custom message.


Player knocked out transmit on: Death Message


Trigger when receiving on: Death Message
Run this blockcode:
The text box that looks empty is a space.


Ok. I’ll try that. Thanks for the suggestion!

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you should create a community made guide line

It probably already exists

actually no one else has the other one is nonfiction but not this

It worked! (Although you only need the add activity feed block.) Thanks for the help!

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