Ideas for my game from you guys!

I don’t know if anyone’s figured out how to do It like TD yet, but you could add it so where someone gets tagged, it broadcasts it to other players.

Example: C-C Got tagged!
Example: C-C was eliminated!

You could also add some funny messages for when someone gets tagged
Kinda like K.O. messages…
(the word relating to when someone perishes is not allowed anymore)

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Tag Domination? I think I have done that before… But I don’t remember, its been to long since I played with someone…

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If you ever plan to release this game; one thing you could do is make a pre starting room. So you’ll spawn in that room before the game starts. You could add some Easter eggs there too.

Mini games would be fun too.

Like this person said, you could play a mini game for a boost in speed for a short time, or freezing all players…something that could help them get away in a pinch.
And if you loose the mini game, you could just make nothing happen…but wheres the fun in that? you could make it so they go slower for a few seconds after respawning… Etc Etc…

You could add lots of things, it just takes time.

Already did.

already did what- The pre game room or the mini games? [1]

Another idea for the mini games is where the person gets a random one, not the same one over and over. Basically you’d use a chance system to make the person get a random mini game, ranging from easy to hard, small map or big map. Lots of good ideas for mini games.

(it also makes sure that 7 people aren’t in the same mini game)

  1. please elaborate ↩︎

Not to self-advertise, but this works.
How To Make A Unalived Message + Randomizer! :yellow_square:
Maybe add a lab from a secret hole or tunnel or something that details how the infection spread and provides a hiding place, or maybe a crafting table recipe that will give more speed or something.


pre game


You should make a type of infection game.

nah, I’ll pass

What type of games do you like?

I don’t what to do but uhhhhhh.
Laser Tag or Regular Tag?

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it is regular tag, the type you play at recess… I went for a Nostalgic feeling

You should definitely do a escape room type game or backroom type game.

Make a treehouse!


You should do this. It will be cool.

2 things first, First the backrooms has dean done a lot (as have lots of popular game remakes) and Second, if your going to make an escape room, make sure that it’s really good, and kinda hard, and that you have tested it a lot.

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Yeah. That’s good too.


it’s ok, there have been lots of ideas, you can just use some of them now :slight_smile: