How to make a message appear after player is killed with snowball

how do you make it so that if I am bob and I kill joe with a snowball, a message appears saying “bob killed Joe”? like in Fortnite on the left side of the screen?

I believe this is already in the base game. But if you want custom messages you could use blocks with player names and the alert/message device

Well, this is here. But Idk how to make it to where it detects players.

Lifecycle(player knocked out)-wire it to notification and do when event occurs—> run wire pulse block and in the block it should have set header triggering players name was knocked out I could create something with images if you want it

I know how first get a property next get a lifecycle and set it to when player knocks out and add a trigger that triggers when it receives from the lifecycle and make it set property to triggering player

Should I make a guide on top of this so it will help you?

no i mean as in fortnite where it appears on the side saying “bob killed joe” and “joe” killed mike" on the side as in a battle royale thing and it appears to all players who killed who

i already tried the other things at the begining and it just says MY NAME and it say “######### was knocked out” instead of “######### knocked out bob”. Help plz if possible

like others have said this comes default in the game

i know maybe it isnt possible. i just wanted it to be shown to all the players.

thx y’all for your help

@jagerhe16 Nothing is impossible

Look at this topic. How do you make a knockout manager tell who knocked out who using blocks? (I need for custom messages) RESOLVED - #5 by RandomKid

Edit: the block code is in a knockout manager i believe.

this came up for me

its not letting me add triggering players name for some reason.

Hit the gear icon and drag another text box down.

oh ok thanks u are a life saver

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