==The Ultimate Mystery Game Guide== (Difficulty: 🟧)

== The Ultimate Mystery Game Guide ==
This Is The Guide For Mysteries.
I Was Making My Mystery Map (Still Unpublished As Of Now) From Scratch, And Happened Upon The Help Page, Where I Got Some Advice. What I Realized Was Sheer Quantity Of Mystery Questions And Not Enough Actual Guides. Note: This Isn’t A Game With A Sherrif Of Victims or Something, Just A Mystery Solving Game Guide.There Are Some Guides On Piecing Things Together, But I’m Adding Tips And More Info. My Other Ultimate Guide Is:
==The Ultimate Easter Egg Guide== (Difficulty: :orange_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

The Ultimate Mystery Guide Contains

—[The Basics ]—
1.) What Is A Mystery?
2.) The Goal / Goals
3.) Setting The Settings
4.) The Lobby
5.) The (Optional) Tutorial

6.) Mechanics
7.) The Block Code
8.) Setting Up The Rooms
9.) Adding The Characters

10.) Repetitive Gibberish
11.) Ending Sequences

–[Bonus Stuff]–
12.) Extra Dialogue
13.) Gooder Thumbnails
14.) Interactivity

== What is A Mystery? ==

A Mystery Game Is Genre In Which The Main Protagonist, The Player And / Or Their Team, Will Complete A Challenge In Which Something Nobody Else Can Solve Has To Be Completed By Them. This Differs From An Escape Room Because You Have To Solve It Through Clues And Logic.

== How To Create A Goal ==

The Idea Is That You Give A Starting Popup By Placing It Connected To A Trigger, Like So:



And Now That You’ve Informed Your Player about the Objective, You’re Ready For The Rest. It Just Has To be At Least Slightly Realistic, Not Find Who Stole The Seventh Quadrent Omega Star Vorpal Blade™️, Just Something That You Could Wrap Your Mind Around.

== Setting Up The Settings ==

We Want to Change Up The Settings To Make Our Game A Real Game. To Avoid Red Flags Of Game Making And Appearing Professional, Unless You Want Some Sort or Mike Hammer Brawl. Teams Should Be Cooperative, And Score Should Be Individual. Solving Mysteries Doesn’t Need Any Points.

== The Lobby ==

Remember, For A Good game, You Need A Lobby. Set Your Spawn Pad To Pre-Game And Put The Other On Game. Now, When The Player Starts, They Teleport To The Real Game. No Sneak Peaks.


Easy As Pie, And About Just As Sweet For Your Player! Another guide On How To Make A Lobby Is Here In The Case this One Isn’t As Clear: How to Make a Lobby - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

== The (Optional) Tutorial ==

Now, Any Good Games Needs To introduce The Characters And the Game Mechanics. You Can Make A Great Room or A Practice Dungeon Or Quest For Whatever You Want, Or Maybe Just A Quick introduction Of Characters. Since This Is A Mystery, We’re Lining Up Suspects.


Wow… There Aren’t Any Tutorial Guides, We Gotta Change This! A Trillion Duplicate Among Us Guides And Not A Single Beginning Tutorial, or At Least Not One I Could Find.

My Tutorial is Basic, Just A Suspect Lineup, But You Can Make A Room. If You’re Following What I’m Doing, Then Just Wire Popups Together Like This:

And Done! That Wasn’t So Hard (Filling The Popups In Was, Though…)

Whew… Done With The Tutorial, The Goal, The Whole Darn Lobby! Wow, We Just Checked Off Five Items! That Wasn’t So Hard Now, Wasn’t It?

== Mechanics ==

Okay, This Is Where We Part Ways From Loyally Following This Guide Like I Know You Did. Now Use Your Brain Here - Just Try Something Crazy, A New Mechanic Like Dash, Or Maybe A Class System Like Speed Over Extra Information.

Example Mechanics

This, Again, Isn’t A Game With Weapons, So No Damage Boosts Have To Be Applied. Anyways, Off We Go, With Newfound Understanding!

== The Optional Block Code ==

Yes, Dear Reader. This Is It. The Hurdle. The End. The Very Final Test Of Your Technical Skills. You Could Work On This For Years, Never Stopping To Finish This Fiendish Test of Will. Luckily, I Did It All, So All Your Obvious Experience Can Go Down The Drain. Moving On!

What Is Block Code? : Assuming You Know Nothing At This Is Point, Block Code It A Fiendish Array Of Random Code Trash That Makes You Regret Your Choice To Exist. If You Wanna become A Master, Here Are A Few Guides:

A Few Guides

These Guides Provide An Okay Description, But I’m Showing You how To Do it Anyway, So That’s Some Extra Little Tidbits.

Why Are We Doing This? : Well, The Point Of This Block Code Is To Make A Randomizer, For The Perpetrator Of This Mystery! By Now, You Have The Lobby, But With This Is Your Own Little World Of People And Characters! We Can Start By Adding Characters, Or Suspects.

Ideas For Suspects
  • Butler
  • Maid
  • Cook
  • Professor
  • Wife
  • Brother / Sister
  • Librarian
  • Musician
  • Unhappy Colleague
  • Professor
  • A Mystery Man
  • Prof. Bimbelton

Whew! All This World Building Is Tiring, But It’s Our Job! Now For The Hard Part! We Need:

  • 1x Trigger
  • 1x Lifecycle

Now, Wire The Lifecycle (Should Be On Game Start) To The Trigger. Now Head To The Trigger Menu And Go To The Block Code Option!
We Start By Making A Variable Titled “Random,” Or Whatever Else We Want To Name It (Heck, The Variable Could Be 1234 For All We Care!), And Make A Little Variable Called Set Random To To Start.



Now That We Got Our Variable, We Need To Head Down To The Math Section And Make A Random Integer Piece. Simple, And Fill It Up With Two Numbers, Starting From One And Ending With A Five Or A Six. This Makes It So On Game Start, This Selects A Random Number.



Now, Why, You Ask, Would We Need A Random Number? Well, This Random Number Will Change The Culprit Of The Mystery! For This, We Need An If Do Block And Go To The Little Settings Menu, Yeah, That One On The Top. We Need To Attach A Few Else If’s To Him.
Now Make A Block Under If Saying Random = 1 And Then Under Do Broadcast Message On Channel, [Whoever You Want To be The Villain] Evil. This Will Be Explained:

Promised Explanation


Now Rinse And Repeat As Many more Times As You Want. I Recommend Six.


Now, It’s Almost Done. For Our Mystery Guide Randomizer To Work, We Need To Make Six Buttons (That Is, If You Want Six Clues) And Make Each One Of Them On A Channel, Such As If You Made 1 = LibrarianEvil, Then Make Six Buttons Saying LibrarianEvil.
Now Scatter These Buttons Around Your Map As Clues, So It Should Activate On LibrarianEvil.


All This Means Is That There’s A One In Six Chance The Button Will Activate. After You Press All Five Buttons, The Counter Will Reach The Target, And Presumably Send An Ending Popup And Once The Player Reads It And Figures Out The Solution (The Librarian Was Evil), The Game Will End.

Now, For The Annoying Part. There’s Five Others Who Are Potential Suspects

Repeat This Process A Few More Times, Broadcasting On “[EvilPerson Evil]” And Then You’re Done! Now For The Annoying Part.

Make Buttons Around The Map That Will Deactivate On Say, LibrarianEvil. Now, You’ve Got A Button And When You Press It, A Popup Appears, Stating Something Boring. But, It Will Deactivate On The One In Six Chance The Librarian Is In Fact Evil. Now, Make A Button Activating On LibrarianEvil That Isn’'t Active On Game Start. The Other Popup Will Tell Incriminating Evidence.



Now When The Player Presses Said Button, It Sends On A Channel Called [Suspect] Clue . This Will Be For The Librarian LibrarianEvil, The Cook CookEvil, And So On. This Will Be Covered In The “Repetitive Gibberish” Chapter.

Repeat Five Times For Five Clues And Then Five Times For Five New Suspects Five Times Once More.
Tough Stuff, Right? Well, The Rest Won’t Be As Hard.

== Setting Up The Rooms ==

Whew. Time For Some Tomfoolery After That Madness. Making Rooms Should Be As Relaxing As Meditation Compared To Block Code. Here Are Some Rooms:


Your Popups Should Be Filled With Book Gibberish, Or Perhaps Clues!




Living Room

Now, If We’re Thinking Of Spacing This Out With Floors, How About We Make A Way To Traverse Between Floors? Well, This Is Quite Easy. Making A Staircase Should Consist of The Following:



Combine Both To Create This:


To Get Between Floors, Just Assign Floor Names Between Teleporters At the Foot Of Your Staircase. Simple, Making These Rooms, Aren’t They?

== Adding The Characters ==

Now For Characters: Below Is A Shortened List Of My Personal Favorites For Character Ideas:

My Personal Favorites For Character Ideas
  • Butler-Stache
  • Maid-Raveena
  • Cook-:fried_egg: Emoji
  • Professor-:cocktail: Emoji
  • Wife-Raveena
  • Brother/Sister-Vortex Agent
  • Librarian-Echo Agent
  • Musician-Chompz
  • Unhappy Colleague-Vortex Agent
  • Prof. Bimbelton-Stache

Now To Make Them Talk, Just Add A Button Connected To A Popup. Your Characters Should Have A Voice Associated With Them, So The Cook Could Be Gruff, Or Perhaps Sweet And Friendly, Just If They’re Evil, Make Their Ending Monologue Evil.

== Repetitive Gibberish ==

Now We’ve Got Clues Down, We’ve Got Characters And Rooms, Truly A Beautiful Sight To Behold. There’s More Stuff You Could Add Like Bonus Dialogue, Easter Eggs, Or Extra Fun Stuff In General. Leave All That Stuff At The Doorstep, Cause It’s Time To Craft Your Ending.

By Now, You Have Thirty Buttons, Six Suspects, And When Five Buttons Are Pressed For The Suspect, Something Should Happen, But How? We Need To Make A Good Ending For Each Character.

To Make A Good Ending When All Clues Are Connected, We Need To Make A Proper Ending, Where You Find out Who it Is And The Game Ends. This Is One Player And There’s No Combat, Unless You Want Some Crazy Ending, But You Could Add Something Else After If You Want. For All Intents And Purposes For A Mystery Game, This Should Be Quick.

Now We Need The Following:

  • 6 Clue Channels
  • 6 Counters
  • 6 Popups
  • 6 End Games

Now, Down To The Hard Part. When Your Button Is Pressed For A Villain’s Clue, Then It Should Be Put On A Channel Named Something Like [Suspect] Clue.

Now We Need To Use These. Let’s Start With The Librarian. When The Button Is Pressed, It Is Sent To LibrarianEvil And Then Sent Once Again To Your Counter. The Counter Should Have A Target of Five.

Now When The Wire Reaches The Target, It’s Wired To A Popup, And When It’s Closed And The Player Reads The Details Of The Ghastly Crimes, The Game Ends. Rinse And Repeat Six Times Till Finished.

== Ending Sequences ==

All This Way, And We’re Done. For The Ending, You Just Need To Add Some Credits, Maybe Teleport You To A Room With The Suspects Lined Up.

This Should Be The Very Final Moment Of Your Adventure. You Might Be Asking Why I Said Sequences. Well, This Is The Last Chapter. Anyways, Always Remember, In Any Case, Whenever You’re Feeling Down, The Butler Did It. Thank You And Goodbye.


==Bonus Stuff ==

== Extra Dialogue ==

Whew, You’re Reading This? Well Good For You, I Guess.
For Extra Dialogue, You Need Your Typing Mindset, Your Typing Fingers, And A Crippling Amount Of Desperation, Because You’re Gonna Need It.

To Make More Interactive Characters, You Have To Make A Being Sound Like A Human, Like What I’m Doing Now. You Know Me, Right, I’m not just A Voice Behind A Screen, Like The Others. Anyways, Some Characters Are What They Seem Like They Should Be, Like A Professor Being Smart, And So On And So Forth.

Coming Soon

==Gooder Thumbnails ==

Coming Soon

== Interactivity ==

Coming Soon


https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/t/wiki-resources-for-murder-mystery/31967Might wanna check this guide for credits but otherwise, great guide! Very useful!

The emoji’s : orange_square : (without the spaces)

Murder mystery is more of a pvp game where the murderer is trying to get everyone. There is a sheriff who is trying to get the murderer, and there is innocents.
This game is more like one person Clue, a game where you have to figure out who, where, and what was used to unalive the victim

Wow love the guide!
By the way, you can use a lifesycle connected to a trigger for this.

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