How to Make Blizzian Hide-and-Seek

Hello everyone! Blizzy here! Today I will show you how to make Hide and Seek, a game I am sure you have played before.

The Seeker Picker

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First of all, set Map Options: Teams: Cooperative
Now, we will make a contraption to pick a seeker, with Team 1 being the Hiders, and Team 2 being the Seeker. Remember, you will have to go to Settings: Map Options: and select 2 Teams. Now place a Lifecycle Device and a Relay Device. Wire the Lifecycle to the Relay. Now, open the settings of the relay. Select “Random Player” as the Relay Audience.

Now, place a Team Switcher Device. Wire the Relay to the Team Switcher. Open the Team Switcher’s settings, and set its settings like this:

Now, everyone but the hiders will be on Team 2.

The Energy Tracker

Now let’s make a contraption that will only affect the hiders’ energy:
Place a Wire Repeater, a Movement Meter, a Relay, and an Item Granter. Connect a wire from the lifecycle from the Seeker Picker to your Wire Repeater. Set the wire to ‘Event occurs → Repeat Wire Pulse’. Set the Wire Repeater’s delay to 1 second. Now, wire the Wire Repeater to the Relay, with the settings like this: ‘When Wire Repeater receives a pulse → Trigger Relay’. Set the Relay’s audience to Team 1. Now, connect a wire from the Relay to the Movement Meter, with it set to ‘Relay Trigger → Activate Movement Meter’. In the Movement Meter’s settings, set the tracked item to Energy(or anything you want), and make the Item Drain Per Tick 1 or 5, depending on how fast you want the energy to run out. After this, set Use As Default to ‘No’.
After you finish this, wire the Relay to the Item Granter(with whatever item you are tracking as the item you will grant(400 to 500 is best for this) to ‘Relay Trigger → Grant Item’.
Now, you have made your Energy Tracker.
All of this can be in a separate corner, so you don’t run into it, and it will look somewhat like this:


Now we can make a popup that will tell the player if they are either a Hider, or(in the rarer case), the Seeker. Place down 2 popups, with one telling the player(Team 1) that they are a Hider, and one telling the player that is the seeker that they are the Seeker. Connect a wire from your second Relay(Team 1) to the Hider Popup device, with settings ‘Relay Triggered → Open Popup’. Wire the Seeker Relay to the Seeker Popup, and set the wire to the same settings as the Hider Wire.

Seeker's Chamber

This is the hardest part of the Map Making: The Seeker Chamber. Literally. Now, place a random terrain(in my case, boardwalk) as your Chamber Floor. After this, surround this Chamber with a Wall(in my case, Dark Scraps). Like This:

Also, place a Spawn Pad that is only for Team 2(Seeker Team) and only for Game.
Now that you have done this, we need to make the teleport that will teleport the Seeker to the Hiding Chamber when time is up.
Place a teleporter, with the Group it belongs to as Seeker_Chamber or anything else, and the one that it aims to as Hider_Chamber or anything else. Also, we will make it so that after the time is up, the hiders will be unable to move or hide anywhere else, and the seeker can go to the Hider Chamber(Credit to @Im_Pretty_Cool). Place a Wire Repeater and set the delay to however many seconds you want the hiders to be able to hide.
Connect the Wire Repeater to the Relay, with the settings ‘When Wire Repeater Receives a pulse → Trigger Relay’. Then wire the Relay to the Teleporter, settings ‘Relay Triggered → Teleport Player to Target’. Now when the time is up, the seeker will be automatically teleported to the main map, or the Hider’s Chamber.
Then put another relay, and set it only for Team 1(Hider’s Team). Place down an item granter that grants, like, negative 500 energy(just so the energy disappears). Connect the Wire Repeater to the relay, Settings ‘Wire Repeater receives pulse → Trigger Relay’. Now wire the Relay to the Item Granter, settings ‘Relay triggered → Grant Item’. Now the hiders will be unable to move after the seeker starts to Seek.

Hiders' Chamber

This is pretty much finished, except for our Hiding Chamber. Just make a gigantic Chamber with props all over the place where the Hiders can hide. Place a Tag Zone and size it so that it fits in the whole chamber. Set it so that only Team 2 can tag(find hiders). Now, this is easy. Place a Team Switcher that will switch the player to either a Spectator or a Seeker. Connect the Tag Zone to the Team Switcher, with settings ‘When Player tagged by someone else → Switch player to configured team’. Also, remember to put your teleporter(from the Seeker Chamber) in the Hider’s Chamber, with no target group to teleport to, and make it invisible in game.

That’s it! You’re done now! I hope this guide is useful!


Nice guide! I would add it to my game, but MarioKart has no need for a hide and seek game…

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Aha, now “Blizzian”

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It says that everyone but the seeker is on team two, but I thought it would be otherwise? am I confused?
Anyway, nice guide though.

Oh let me fix that…

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I think you forgot to mention they have to be in cooperative first @Blizzy

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I have a question; What does your map look like?
When I tried a hide and seek, I based it off other Gimkit modes.
(Farmchain, capture the flag, Fishtopia, and Snowbrawl.)

Oh, I was making it just as I was making this guide, but it’s snowy. Yeah, that

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So Snowbrawl


Why? People can just look at who made the guide. Why do you even need to say who made it when people can just check themselves? It makes sense in Monopoly, but for all these other things it’s completely unnecessary.

Just my thought.

I don’t see a problem with it, though.
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Well new gims might be confused and think Tamian is a term for a mechanic.