How to make randomizer 🟧

The person meant trigger.


The repeater is wired to a trigger, which is running the block code.


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how to open blocks i have no idea

It should be in the device’s screen underneath options

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oh ok i didnt know ty

bruh pls show me with pictrues cuz i dont see it

Please note that not all devices have blocks

for this tutorial is the blocks in the reapeter?

Yes, it says that in the guide

Screenshot 2023-10-23 8.46.27 AM

No, the writer messed up. They meant: trigger.

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ohhhh bryh who new :frowning:

Set [BumpChance] to random integer from 1 to 2

if [BumpChance] = 1
do Broadcast Message On Channel “NormalBump”

else if [BumpChance] = 2 
        do Broadcast Message On Channel “ReusableBump”

What Do You Do If You Have Less Than 5 Players? Let’s say 2 or 3.

Then only make 2-3 else ifs?

Is there any way that makes it change depending on the amount of player in each round?

Do a live player counter to maybe work? I’m not a block expert…

Okay thank you For Your Advice

Yep, then connect the repeater to multiple counters (each with a target value of the amount of players you want for your game) and make them trigger the corresponding trigger when the target value is reached.
Ex. Counter Target = 2, wire to Trigger with 2 if statements. (you need one else if statement too!)