How to make a LIVE player counter 🟨

hello today i will show you how to make a LIVE player counter. that’s right, ITS LIVE aka it can see when a player leaves WOW!!!
anyways lets get to the tutorial

finished product

part 1

grab a counter and place it
then click on it and put a desired channel in the insert channel here 1 box

then place a relay

click on it again and put a the same channel in the insert channel here 1 box

part 2

place a repeater

then edit the settings (I’m pretty sure you know to click on it by now) and set interval to 0.5

then go to all options
and set the following things to whatever they say

part 3

place a lifecycle

then go to wires
now connect the lifecycle to the repeater and relay whilst checking the following boxes

then hook up the repeater to the counter

and the repeater to the relay

*important make sure you hook up the repeater to the counter THEN the relay

I was gonna put a link to another topic that stated how wires work etc. but I couldn’t find it sorry

it works so every 0.5 seconds it will reset the counter then practically instantly the relay set to all players will send and increment for every player in the game at the moment and since the counter is set to global at default it will display the amount of players that where in the game by adding up all the increments it got then when the repeater sends a signal again the entire process restarts (sounds complicated right)(thanks @ClicClac for the idea to ad an explanation)


If you don’t actually know how to do it, don’t make the guide (or is a guide template?)?


I think it’s a WIP.

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its finished now

same too u as well

Could you put an explanation at the end of the guide about how everything works? It’s 11:00 PM in my time zone, and my brain cannot comprehend how this works. Sorry in advance, this is a great guide, all in all!

Wait what?

Ok so what happens is the relay relays for all players, increasing a counter to the number of players the relay relays on, aka the number of players in the game.


Same time here lol.
I agree with everything ClicClac said; explanation on how guides work can go a long way. Anyways, nice first guide (I think this is your first guide)!


What about resetting the counter?

Also, I’ve been waiting for someone to make a tutorial on this for way too long lol

That’s why they used AUO: to get the amount of players every tick! Genius!

that’s why the repeater is connected to the counter

like here I put this in the guide

Oh lol I just looked at the final product

Wow!!! So this can replace the older versions of the lifecycle relay counter…

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What do you mean “tick”?

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Every time the repeater runs the task.


Me slowly exposing myself as a casual speedrunner

Redstone tick or game tick?

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I think of Tower Defense game ticks. Like 20 damage per tick and 20 ticks.