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For My Murder Mystery Map, I Need A Player Counter, But From Past Experiences, I Know Whenever The Host (Me) Gets Put In Spectator, The Player Counter Just Goes Up Forever. I Need A Design That Works Even If The Host Is In Spectator.
Any Ideas?
(I Am Pretty Sure I Have Tried All Of The Guides On The Forums About It)

How to make a LIVE player counter V2

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i think you should read the question again

(I was going to suggest using the relay on players but I forgot that’s just spawns)

I’ve Already Tried That ._.
List Of Ones I Have Tried:

(I’m Pretty Sure That Is All Of The Guides)

well, what do you need it for?
we might be able to find a solution without using a player counter

Murder Mystery. I want a player counter of the innocents (Team 1) AND The Sheriff (Team 3) And If The Number Of Players Killed By The Murderer = The Total Of Innocents And The Sheriff, The Game Should End.

So you want to make it so that once everyone is killed, it will end game…

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I Already Thought Of Having A Property That Increases For Every Time I Assign Sheriff And Innocent As Roles, But If Somebody Leaves, It Will Get All Messed Up

What if you disable host going into spectator?

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(Side Note)
There Is Also A Toggleable Role Called “Psychopath”
(Wins The Game If They Get Killed)

It Won’t Do Anything, Because Once You Are Killed, It Sets You To Spectator

Use a property that broadcasts to a relay that broadcasts to all players instead of the lifecycle.


Yeah, just diable spectator, but what do you mean by this?

Example Please?
(Or Explain It Way More)

I see whats happening now…

Player Knocked Out → Set Player To Team Spectator
Disallowing The Host To Use Spectator Only Affects Them In Pregame, Where They Can Decide To Spectate Or J0in The Game

Use a property that broadcasts on game start.

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(What Did You Mean To Say??)