How do i end the game when the seeker leaves in hide and seek

so like I want to try to combine these guides

because I want to make it so if the seeker leaves it ends the game

Check for all players if anyone has a seed. (The seed puts the seeker on their own psuedo team). Check passes, increment counter. After like a second, reset counter. Have the counter link to a property. Check if it equals 0 with another checker. If true, update a second counter. If false, reset the counter. This should run every second. When the second counter hits it’s target, end the game.

explain in stupid pls
i am very dumb

So, you first give the seeker an item to separate them from everyone else. This is called pseudo teaming, as you are making a fake team for them this way. You got that part? I have to switch classes, so I’ll have to finish this later.


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Ok. What part do you need help on?

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My way to do this would be: make a repeater, lifecycle, counter, relay, and an end game…

Make the repeater activate every 0.5 seconds. Make the relay on random player on specific team, make it the seeker’s team. Make the counter target number 2, and make its scope public. I can’t remember if it’s public by default or not.

Connect the lifecycle to the repeater to make it activate on game start. Connect the repeater to the counter to make it increment when the repeater does its thing. Connect the repeater to the relay to make the relay trigger when the repeater does its thing. Connect the relay to the counter to make it decrement when the relay detects a wire pulse. Connect the counter to the game end to end the game once it reaches the target number.

When the repeater increments the counter, it will make the relay decrement the counter on behalf of the seeker. So the counter will stay at 0. Once the seeker leaves, the relay won’t have anyone to trigger in behalf of, so it won’t do anything, and so the repeater will be able to count it up without anything stopping it, so it will count the counter up to 2, which will end the game.