How to end game when certain team knocked out [SIMPLIFIED] [Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦]

Are you making an among us or murder mystery game and want the game to end when the imposter is knocked out or gone? Well, all you need is:
Knockout Manager x1
End Game Device x1

In the KO Manager Settings: set knockout listening to Player. Then, go to blocks and create new: “On knockout block”
In my case the imposter’s team is Team 6. So I would make the game listen for this team being knocked out which would end the game

In my game you win by eliminating or voting out the imposter, to put things simple, you can easily rework the voted person to be teleported to a death room, where the game would detect a knockout because someone died and end the game when the imposter is gone. Simply make a teleporter that belongs to group: “voted out”

and make the voted out person teleport to your death room.
And there you go! a fully working end game trigger for when a certain team is knocked/voted out. Hope this helps!


Nice guide! This is very simple!
It’s nice to see a new user’s first topic is a guide!
Also, I don’t know if I said this to you since I say this a lot now ._.
Welcome to the forums @Illumerix!
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You might want to make the title say mini guide since it is kinda short.

Nice Guide!
Also, doesn’t this just end the game when a player on team 6 dies?
Correct me if I’m wrong.

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@Haiasi Correct but, as I said, It was in MY case that it was team 6, You can change it to imposter team/murderer team

Oh, right, I thought this could be used for battle royale games with multiple players on a team but this works too!

Also, the tutorial tag is unused.
You might want to black out some of your private information as well.

Wait, how does this work?
Crewmates (except for sherrifs if you have that role) can’t kill the impostor and they can only die by being voted out.

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Thanks, I fixed it, I’m glad people are helping me around on this cause I’m new here.

Oh I have a twist on my game, you need 100 keycards that you get from answering questions and finding them in cabinets to get a slingshot, and the imposter is always equipped with a quantum portal. So I combined murder mystery and among us into one game because I wanted it to be unique. My next guide will be how to eliminate the person who eliminates the wrong person, A.K.A Crewmate K.O-ing another crewmate


@Illumerix the tutorial tag is unused because every GKC Community Made Guides fits into it


Nice guide!

How about if I have a relay and it chooses a random player? What is the code for that?

well if you relay, then switch their team to a specific team…

Could this work if the team was switched to specators?

Well depends on the way. My method was to teleport the way you want a player to die to a death room. Because this detects knockouts and not team switches

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Oki then! Thanks!

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This is a good guide! Nice job, @Illumerix!

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Thank you! This is one of the three guides I made in one day. You should check them out!

Alright, I will!

Will this work with multiple imposters?

Yes, just put them on the same team but if they are on different teams make sure to set the variable to those two

Ok. Thanks!!!