Creating First Map

Thanks I will use that guide. Is there any ways to make like a scope that if i buy from the vending machine and that scope do like zoom out? like that so can see far away than other people.

You can’t zoom in and out in the “game” phase but you can zoom in the player’s FOV using a camera view.
An alternate way is wiring the Vending Machine to the Wooden Sign to hide it.

Item Purchased > Hide Prop


Yeah, I don’t think you’re able to zoom out. But you could have them zoomed with a camera view and then don’t use camera views when they purchase the item from the vending machine.


I was talking about like a telescope.

And can I make like a airdrop if I use some item and the airdrop was like hidden and it can visible if I use certein item? I know my English is not good :< cuz I moved US last year…

Well, you could have a checker that repeatedly checks if anyone has the item and when the check passes it shows a crate connected to a waypoint so the player has to go to the crate. You can even add a trigger for a delay between the checker and the waypoint or crate.



For the Loot Crates:

You can use cardboard boxes or wooden crates like in zombsroyale.

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ok thank you alot and I will do it when I have rest time. So have a good rest of weekend. Now I have so much idea and things. :slight_smile:

Ok, just mark a solution to close this topic.

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I have the question for the community what is the Difficulty color? Is that the hardest when the color is darker?

The Difficulty is 4/10.


:white_large_square: = 0/10

:blue_square: = 1/10

:green_square: = 2/10 or 3/10

:yellow_square: = 4/10

:orange_square: = 5/10, 6/10, 7/10, 8/10

:red_square: = 9/10

:purple_square: = 10/10

:black_large_square: = 11/10


Haiasi told me to unsolution so other people can see more and give some idea

Oh, sorry I didn’t see that. Well keep it open so other people can see it and or suggest some ideas.


What terrain would be best for radioactive?

You could use this guide:


I meant just great terrain idea for the ridoactive but nice guide.

The terrain we currently have now won’t really work for radioactive biomes so the best we can do is tint them


ok i will try but isnt it take many memories?

Barriers and terrain don’t cost much memory, you can make the barriers bigger to conserve memory.


Those map pictures look amazing! Do you need help with any device systems?


Thank :slight_smile: I am good now but I will because I have to finish mt designs first.