How to make a basic mystery box! (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

so i use three crates the same size and put them together like this
Screenshot 2023-09-07 9.24.01 AM
then put wooden signs and change their size according to the crate’s size over the front of them like this (note make sure you make them atleast half the crates size)
Screenshot 2023-09-07 9.28.05 AM
then get wooden poles and size them to half the crate’s size exactly and copy until the other half is covered (make sure to leave atleast a bit of the side of the crate left to make it look like a box and not like a patch of wood)
Screenshot 2023-09-07 9.31.24 AM
then grab a text box shade it to white and size it according to half the box the copy it and put it on the other half of the box
Screenshot 2023-09-07 9.33.58 AM
and then if you want to make it glowing like some of the newer cod mystery boxes just add 0.50, 0.40,0.30 transperancy metal pole shaded blue or metal and size according to the seams on the mystery box


Thank goodness someone made a guide on this, I was needing a Cod mystery box prop, I’m building a cod zombies type game, though it requires 2 players to play the correct way

yep i knew you were working on a cod zombies game so i though i would make a guide 4 u ur welcome :slight_smile:

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Are you the one I’m doing a collab with?

idk i forgot im forgetful sometimes

It’s a factory investigation game, where your friend invites you to an abandoned factory, and you need to find him

ohhhh now i remember

I have the levers set up, just need to make the underground facility

i was able to sign up for wixsite tho i cant share on code sharing for some strange reason

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Nice art!

thanks wolf tech! :slight_smile: you are really nice for some of the first people i met on the forum

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dont worry coffee ur cool too lol

Thanks, and I try to make every new user feel welcomed and appreciated.

Nice job! Remember to add a difficulty next time, though.


I am making cod zombies again!BUMP BUMP BUUUUUMP

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heh been a while since ive seen this brings back memories