Don't Look Down game

Is it possible to create your own Don’t Look Down map?

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Josh said platforming will be added soon to creative though.

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OK, thanks for confirming. I can’t wait!

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Yeah, this wont be possible yet. As @The_7th_Dragon said,please mark a solution!

Hey, I have a question about that. Do you know a specific date on when platforming will be added to Gimkit Creative?

Well no, not really.
You can check in the discord though.
I think it’ll come in the next few updates or so, probably mid November-December.

I can’t get on the discord though, and well, another update was rolled out for damage modifiers and checkpoints so maybe ~another month? They roll out updates ~every month.

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The only way to know for sure is the Gimkit News

Remeber to please mark a solution!

Not yet but a platformer update will be coming out soon to make games like DLD possible.

Also welcome to the forum @sethlikestacos !

Don’t forget to mark a solution!

Just as a little reminder, when some one else says to mark a solution, we do not need many people saying the same thing too.

welcome to the forum! @sethlikestacos

sorry, i’m still learning. i just got TL2 today but there’s a lot of things no one’s told me yet.

No worries, I was just informing you, and congrats!

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The discord is down it doesn’t work

Well thats on discords end, there isn’t much you can do but wait.

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