Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

check not chack just spell check


haha i’m such a hypocrite


Haisai already spell-checked here:

I also fixed it in the original post.

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I was going to make a pacific war map.

And it wastes your time.

What do you mean by “it wastes your time?”

Do you mean the guide or your game?

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how about a runner map where you avoid sentries and obstacles and stuff

Welcome to the forum, @Thingmabob!

Welcome to the Forum, @Thingmabob!

Welcome to the forum, @Thingmabob! I hope you like it here!

Welcome to the forum, @Thingmabob !

It takes alot to make a pacific war map. too much stuff and my friends and I test it to see if the game is going good but it just breaks at the end

There are so many great ideas, all the ones I had where already up there!

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Here’s an idea:
You can also add the guide if you want into the wiki since most people don’t know what a Metroidvania is.

No guide links. It’s supposed to be a clean list of ideas.

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I’m going to add some of the reply ideas now. (I was procrastinating)


May I create a tag for this guide and all other idea guides called #idea-catalog ?


how make fnf lol someone made a thing but her never posted the thingy in the wix site


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