Help! among us devises. kinda urgent

tasks are hard i cant git devises to work on any tasks any know how to fix

What devices are you using? Send a screenshot or list the devices and their settings.

Also, welcome to the forum!

Try checking out these guides:

There's quite a few of them

Here we go!
How to Make an Emergency Meeting in Among Us!

How to make a task bar like Among Us [🟧]

How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩

How to Get vitals from Among Us

How to Let the Imposter Hide in Vents 🟧

How to make killing for Among Us (Difficulty: 🟧)

In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)

A Quick and Easy-to-fix error in Among Us Team Choosing | Difficulty: 🟩

How to Make a Kill Button That Drops a Dead Body

How to make the wire task in Among Us [🟧]

How to Make the Clean o2 Filter/ Clean Vent Task in Among Us (🟩)

How to make a Task like the Weapons Task in Among Us(Asteroids) 🟨

How to make the Fuel Engines Task like in Among Us | Difficulty: 🟨

How to make the Admin Swipe Card Task in Among Us

How to make a voting system (old guide from last forum)

How to make a voting system for Among Us [SIMPLIFIED]

The Ritheked Version of Voting (1.0)! ~6% Memory | Difficulty: 🟧

The Ritheked Version of Voting 2.0 (Difficulty 🟪) See Post 1132

The Whomian Version of Amongus Voting!

And the resources for it all:
[ 📰 Resources] Resources for Among Us

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i kinda havnt finished with the whole map:( but should have a answer by firday sory but thanks for tring to help:)

That’s fine! Have you already tried to make the tasks, or don’t know how to do it?

dont no how yet but thanks all those links r gona b a big help:)

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thanks your a big help :+1:

Please mark a solution @Me_Monies1.

like @Haiasi said, try to mark a solution, please.

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