How to Make a Kill Button That Drops a Dead Body

Massive credit to @CringeKarlScott for making the original guide. You can find it here!

This current guide is an expansion on @CringeKarlScott 's guide, and allows the killing button to also leave a dead body behind. This is how to do it.

Materials Needed:
Inventory Item Manager x1
Tag Zone x1
Team Switcher x1
Overlay x1
Wire Repeater x3
Item Granter x1

  1. Set up your imposter team switcher, place down your overlay, and make it so that the overlay is only visible to team imposter, or team 2.

  2. Turn your overlay into a button, and make it say attack, kill, something like that.

  3. Place down a tag zone. Make the tag zone only available for team 2. (Team Imposter). Set respawn when tagged to false. Wire the overlay to the tag zone. When button pressed-------activate tag zone.

  4. Place down a wire repeater and set the delay to 0.2. Then wire the overlay to the repeater.
    When button pressed-------Repeat Wire Pulse.
    Then Wire the repeater to the tag zone.
    On repeater wire pulse--------Deactivate Tag Zone.

  5. Wire the tag zone to the overlay. Player Tags Someone-------Hide Overlay. Place down another wire repeater. Set the delay to whatever you want, this delay will be your cooldown time for your kill button. Wire the tag zone to the wire repeater.
    Player Tags Someone------Repeater Wire Pulse.
    And then the wire repeater to the tag zone.
    Repeat Wire Pulse-----Show Overlay.

  6. Place down an inventory item manager. Set it to track the amount of lottery tickets. Set the maximum amount that you can hold to 1. Wire the tag zone to the inventory item manager.
    Player Gets Tagged By Someone Else------Activate Manager.

7.Place down a wire repeater with a 0.5 delay. Wire the tag zone to the wire repeater. Player Gets Tagged by someone else-----repeat wire pulse.

IMPORTANT-Do these steps in order.
Place down an item granter and set it to grant lottery tickets. Set the amount to two. Now wire the wire repeater to the item granter. On Wire Pulse-----Grant Item.
Then place down a team switcher to switch the player to spectator. Wire the wire repeater to the team switcher. On wire pulse-----switch team.

That should be all! Tell me if this works, any flaws in the guide, areas to be improved, etc.

P.S- There is a certain flaw in the system. When using only one inventory item manager, you cannot make the reporting system, because when the player drops the item, you will call a meeting when receiving the item. To remedy this, what you can do is create two inventory item managers, one that updates the property, and the other one, the one that is connected to the machine, not to update the property. See On the Nature of an Inventory Item Manager for more info.

This is WhoAmI, if you want to, like it, and…that is all! Have a nice day/night!


Seems like a useful guide for making “Among us” on the Gimkit creative platform


Nice guide, @WhoAmI!

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A very easy guide to follow. Nice!

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This will help the Among us community, as even myself was wondering how to do this a while ago.

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