Start reactor task in among us(minimal memory usage if possible)

I cant figure out how to create the start reactor task in me and my friends amongus map

Look under the among-us tag. See if anything there helps!

It would be faster just to give them this link.

Also you could teleport them into a room with nine buttons that they would have to press. Instead of giving you the combination slowly you could just have a pattern already there.

i have checked all of the among us posts and community made guides there is not anything that i could find for start reactor

well then, just make your own, i guess

What @The_7th_Dragon should have said is to listen to posts that give you ideas in this post.

Here’s some more guides for among us:

There's quite a few guides

Here we go!
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And the resources for it all:
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I created a start reactor task guide! Here it is: How to create a start reactor task in Among Us!