How to make the wire task in Among Us [🟧]

If you want to make Among Us in Gimkit, a very frequent task is wires. If you find a better way to make it, please tell me so that I can improve my post. To make it, you will need:

2 teleporters (Devices),
8 zones (Devices),
4 blackboard legs (Props),
5 counters (Devices),
1 button per task time (Devices), and
1 barrier (Devices).
First, you need to make a room for the task. I make mine from speckled grey and colored plastic floors for the connecting points.

Then, add zones in front of each plastic area. After that, make a channel for each of the colors.

Then, add 4 zones on the other side. Make sure that they are disabled on start and that they activate when someone enters their corresponding zone. When the player enters these zones, they need to broadcast on a channel that says that the wire is completed.

Screenshot 2023-06-01 123059
Next, add a blackboard leg and make it connect 2 zones of the same color. To make sure it works, turn off collision for the leg and also make it not visible on start. Set it to be visible when the wire is completed. Finally, tint it the color of the zones it connects. :grin:

Do this for all the zones.
Screenshot 2023-06-01 124230
Now, it’s time for the counters! Place 4 counters outside the walls. Set each one to have a target of 1 and reach that target when they receive a channel that says a wire is complete. Other than that, keep all the settings the same.

Then, add another counter and wire all the counters to it. Set this counter’s target to 4.

Next, add a teleporter inside the wire room with a barrier on top of it. Just make sure that the barrier turns off when the final counter reaches its target. Also, add a button that teleports the player to the teleporter.

The teleporter settings:

Finally, add a teleporter next to the button that you teleport to when you finish the task. You might want to make it invisible.
The other teleporter settings:

Your final product should look something like this:

Congrats! :tada: You finished! :tada:


This is good!

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Can’t you use metal poles and color tint those? Very good guide though.

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Nice! This is very interesting. I actually made an among us myself, and this would improve it! However, currently among us doesn’t work because there is an issue where you can press L to see the leaderboard and figure out who the impostor is. Otherwise, this will make among us infinitely better!

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Thanks, I will think about the metal pole idea.

Thanks! I think I found a way around the leaderboard problem by disabling the leaderboard, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Turn leaderboard off in map options

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Thanks for giving me ideas for improving my topic!

That is the best spelling of grey!

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why dont you just turn off the leaderboard?

it still allows using L to see the leaderboards, though it’s only for the host, but even if it’s disabled, you can still use L as the host to see the leaderboard

8/10. because how do you know it’s your task and it’s done

That doesn’t have to be part of the guide, the guide is to just show how to make a wire task.

sorry I am half way to make among us map

it’s fine you can probably use an overlay that updates when a task is completed.

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okay! thanks. also, I think when I saw that post I was excited.

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also my among us map is kind of weird and wrong I was keep messing it up.

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You can make it so that when the final counter reaches its target, it triggers a notification saying that the task is done.

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