I need urgent help

can someone come onto my map and help me make a voting system, emergency meetings, impostor killing and tasks
venting i managed phew!
people like @NavyCatZ , @Cameron_Sharer , @Zypheir , @Pickle-Person you are good at these things!
pls help
i can give you the code for my map…
or can you just explain how to do stuff

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You can’t post links here.


If you have an account on the wixsite, I can help you, but I’m hosting amongus event right now.

I can be with you in a sec, where are you posting this?

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stuff that might help


I’m a little bit busy with schoolwork, but (as Pika_Pokemon suggested) there are a lot of community-made guides available for you to reference. Some of the ones related to your question:
How to make a voting system
How to make an Emergency Meeting
How to make killing for Among Us
How to make a task bar / how to make a wire task

If you have any questions or problems with making specific things, feel free to ask - I’ll try and help whenever I’m able to :]


thanks so much you guys
this is very helpful

Sorry im Late to help you but thank you for what you said, there are many guides that could help and I think the people above have you covered

yay you are back!!