How do i do tasks in an among us game?

and also how do i do voting and emergency meetings
ik there are guides, but i legit cannot understand them, i need a simplfyied version…
thanks if you can

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Make it so that the imposter relay (I’m assuming you have that already) deactivates buttons that enable you to do tasks (make sure the activation scope is set to “team”
I recommend you use channels as there will be a lot of buttons. This makes it so only crewmates can do tasks.

For the tasks themselves, you can connect the button to a teleporter/overlay. Do you need ideas on how to make the different kinds of tasks? If so, state a few you would like to make.

there are guides somewhere in the community section if u look

Yeah can you do that, please? Thank you!

here i think

will try this out @Pika_Pokemon
lets see if i understand these